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Concrete Repair: When To Lift And Level VS Replace

Concrete repair is often a more affordable and environmentally friendly way to approach concrete issues. Concrete replacement can be very expensive and a waste of otherwise salvageable resources.

So, when it comes to your concrete, always opt for repair first. Your local concrete experts can provide excellent concrete lifting and leveling services. But how do you know when these types of repairs are a good fit for your needs? They have the inside scoop about the various applications these forms of concrete repair can be used.

Patios – Do you have a patio that is sinking into the ground? Not only does a sloped patio look unattractive, it can be problematic, too. For convenience, concrete patios are often located just outside a front or back door. However, when your patio begins to slope and one side inevitably begins to rise, you may have trouble getting in and out of your door.

To matters worse, a patio that is sloped toward your home can put your foundation at serious risk for SEVERE damage. Ideally, patios should maintain “positive drainage,” which means water should flow away from this area of the house. If water begins to flow in the opposite direction (toward the foundation wall), it is time to get you patio lifted and leveled immediately.

Garage Floors – Garage floors provide solid flooring for your cars and storage needs, and because of this, you want to keep this area dry and stable. Cracked or even garage floors are not good, as they can lead to expensive water-related repairs. Rather than paying for concrete repair and any other damages, check out your concrete repair options.

Lifting and leveling your concrete may be all it takes to resolve any garage floor hazards. So, before you plan to remove and replace an entire concrete slab, consult an expert and see if it can be repaired first. Also keep in mind that Concrete does NOT bend so if your garage floor is shaped like a bowl up or down then it is in need of being lifted. This sagging means that there is a significant void under concrete floor.

Steps – If you have uneven steps, you could be at risk for injury. Raising sunken steps makes for an easy concrete repair, so there is no reason to potentially compromise your own safety. Simply have an expert raise the concrete step itself or the supportive concrete slab below and your steps will be restored to like-new condition in no time.

Sidewalks – You have been there before. You were walking on the sidewalk only to stub your toe or take a painful stumble on the ground. The cause? An uneven concrete slab. Dangerous trip hazards like this can result in injury and sometimes even liability costs/lawsuits.

As a homeowner, it is your responsibility to maintain the sidewalks that are on your property. Avoid the stubbed toes and get these problematic sidewalk slopes fixed with concrete repair now. Most often, these troublesome slabs can be raised and leveled for a fraction of the cost of concrete replacement.

Whether your sidewalk or patio has issues, concrete repair is almost always a good solution. This cost-effective and environmentally sound alternative to concrete repair can be completed quickly and efficiently.